Camera Rentals

Camera Rental Gear During Workshop

Camera Rental

We make taking amazing photos a little easy for you... For those trying to build a professional photography portfolio or get that silver and gold award at Camera Club level... we know you want a no fuss way to test out what a lens can do. Why not apply for a quick camera gear rental request with us? It's quick and easy and best of all very affordable.


Perth Learn Photography has limited camera rental gear for short-term rental during all workshops, subject to availability and terms.

Check out the list of camera rental items and don't hesitate to request gear through the contact form. Alternatively check out our buying guide for new recommendations.

We will email you back what the next steps are, making the process as easy and affordable as possible.

$15 per item (duration of workshop)

$10 per item (duration of workshop)

Camera Rental


Any kind of damage, accidental included, will be the responsibility of the renter and cost of repairs will be passed on to renter , limited to the market cost of same item 2nd-hand.

Rental period shall not exceed duration of workshop.

return is strictly at end of workshop.

All damage must be reported to workshop presenter.

Rentals subject to availability and not guaranteed.


Have the read the terms?

Would you like more choice?

Check out Canon's new gear rental crowd-sourced disruptor. Insurance is built in and you can make money renting your own canon gear too (like I do)....

  • ┬áRental terms extend for 2 days
  • Insurance built-in on the platform
  • Website needs work, not user friendly (as of March 2020)
  • Backed by Canon (launched in three countries)