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Your investment is $297 per 2 hour session, includes a 30 minute discovery session.

2 hour sessions



Let's go to the beginnings and build a stronger more flexible foundation. Learn manual settings and the basics of photography in a totally new light.

• Quick introduction to AV or A mode and TV or S mode

• How to shoot daytime, and low light landscapes.

• Manual settings for portraits, macro close-ups.

• The easy rule of shutter speed and when to adjust the ISO.

• How to create bokeh (beautiful blurry backgrounds).

• How to make a photo look blue or warm using white balance settings.

• Basics of composition and different perspectives.

• Importance of a simple subject

• Optimal background

• Working with light

Finding The Artist Within

Expand the creative potential within. Allow your mind to rewire itself, change the way you see you world.

  • Chasing the light
  • Finding the depth
  • Layers of detail
  • Time control & motion
  • Perspectives and composition
  • The strongest story
  • Decluttering
  • Finding & enhancing beauty

Connection, Truth & Meaning

Appealing to those who want deeper meaning with the natural and human world.

Those that can handle expanding the mind to learn visual techniques to influence others and communicate more effectively.

  • Perspectivism
  • Chunking up, down and sideways
  • Finding relative meaning
  • psychology of Visual human influences
  • psychology of posing and connection

Business Growth

There are three basic professional level programs to decide on. However you look at it, business success is about finding the ways to working less while earning more....


Working less means smarter. Working less means following the right strategy with clarity. Working less means planning better, navigating bumps & turns into the most valuable lessons that will propel you forward.


Earning more is about abundance, letting go of scarcity and accepting reward for what you are good at delivering. Earning more is honouring your self-worth and value to your clients, community and yourself. Earning more is knowing that the effort you create, grows into flourishing rewards.

Business Startup - Starting your professional photography journey

  • Planning strategy
  • How to prospect for new clients
  • Pricing
  • Portfolio an social media building strategies

Business Refresh - The established photographer's "Leveling-up" program 

  • Review your position and plan
  • Critique portfolio & online presence
  • Marketing revamp
  • Pricing and product reviews
  • Mentoring and coaching in the areas as needed

Business Taste - Same as Business Startup, for pursuing your passion part-time

2 hour sessions


Designed within your unique frame Cyrus will show you are to clearly focus and shine the light on what's important to you and your photography story.

26 years experience in photography Cyrus will guide, teach, mentor and coach you. Become everything you desire, to achieve your goals as a photographer ... and more!

Successfully reach higher goals in your profession, become the better photographer, win more awards and gain more recognition. Is that what you want?

We have the program for you. We guarantee results when you complete our programs.

Get amazing tools & resources + premium course content + personalised mentoring + free access* to all workshops hosted by PLP.

The approach is holistic, always photography framed. Combining a sense of freedom & fun with the discipline of process-driven technique. The coaching covers photography science & art and dives into people handling and marketing strategies too when needed. If you love photography and want to grow in ALL areas of your life to become better & smarter, you'll find much joy in learning our content and hopefully will be challenged enough to move up and forward in ways you could only dream of. Welcome to the paradigm shift and a new world.

2 hour sessions

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