Digital Pinhole Photography

Did you know you do not need a lens to take a photo?  Digital Pinhole Photography is exposing an image though the tiny hole through a body cap.

Want to try something retro? Got an SLR with a few spare body caps? Caps available from eBay, AliExpress or your local camera shop for couple of dollars each.


(1) Drill the smallest of holes on a body cap


(3) Then apply black tape over the hole and with a tiniest of sewing pins pierce a hole in the tape so that the hole is, of course, no bigger than a pin hole.

(4) Then shoot and share.

TIP: f-stop is extreme, so to exposure an image you’ll need to shoot at a very high ISO and low shutter speed.

The samples below are around historic Fremantle, WA and one of my favourite hotels, The Esplanade Hotel.

What was particularly funny was the reaction from people seeing you take shots.  They’ll think you are crazy, shooting without a lens! I certainly had fun telling people that I was testing out a new experiment camera … loved their expression when I actually showed them some photos on the LCD screen!