Donating to Golf Clubs: Prizes & Fundraising

How to Apply for Donations

We love to help Golf Clubs. Our collection of fundraising edition vouchers are perfect to help you out with the constant need for prizes for weekly and annual golf competitions.

Do you have any junior members representing the club on national or international level? Then you need us for fundraising!

Because fundraising can assist in travel and other costs? Or maybe the club is fundraising for another reason, like maintenance or reward a top employee or player.

Call on us for your fundraising needs, so that we can partner with you.

Our vouchers can help raise hundreds or thousands for your cause.

Best of all we always say yes! For example, In 2018 we helped raise over $30,000.00 to help about 120 causes.

More Info

View more information by reading the Fundraising Edition Voucher Explainer letter, we include in the envelope that gets posted with the vouchers.

Current vouchers, value and realistic fundraising potential - Top Three Offerings.

  • Lighthouse Photography by Cyrus, one Hour Family Portrait with prints included is worth $555, known to raise upto $400
  • Perth Learn Photography Pass to any group photography workshop or photography walk worth $79, known to raise $100
  • Profile & Business headshots includes all 5 images, worth $97, known to raise $100


  • Double Maternity session with prints, worth $1500
  • Family mini-session for upto 20 families, worth $2000
  • 30 minute beginner's class for 20 adults, worth $400

Need More Information?

Feel free to call, email or complete the form below to request more information.

For those who wish to enter into a more regular sponsorship arrangement and would like a face to face meeting, please contact Cyrus to request a coffee appointment. Because visiting you is more convenient.

Is there a catch?

Requesting donations comes at no cost to you.

We do not ask for exclusive treatment either, so that other photographers and trainers can freely donate to the same event.

And we don't expect free stuff back too. Of course, however, we do appreciate hearing about your success, maybe a social media mention or an email thanking us for our donations, however ,these are never a requirement.

Why do we do this?

Because giving to community groups and worthy causes is the single greatest branding activity for us.

Not only does it introduce us to the new and appreciative clientele. By giving we help the local community prosper and grow.

Sponsorship is our preferred way to connect with worthy groups.

Plus it feels great when what we do helps towards our local partners fundraising goals.

Apply Now!

To apply immediately, please complete the 1 minute online form below.

Once approved you will get your vouchers in the mail at no cost to you.


Dear Cyrus,

Thank you so much for your recent generous contribution towards our Quiz Night fundraiser.

Pregnancy Assist

Dear Cyrus,

On behalf of the Ashdale Primary P&C Association, I would like to thank you for kindly supporting our 2018 Quiz Night fundraiser.

This year we were able to raise $9,700 to help fund a weather shelter for our Kiss & Drive area, and we could not have done it without your generosity.

Please find attached a Certificate of Appreciation to show our gratitude.

Once again we thank you for helping make this event such a huge success.


Sacha Murton
Fundraising Coordinator

Fundraising Testimonials

November 20, 2018

Hi Cyrus, I hope you are well.

We held our online auction recently and were very pleased with the result, we raised just over $5000.00 on Instagram and Facebook.

We are very grateful for your donation to the auction. Kind regards, Paula Kaarakin Volunteer Fundraising Team


More great feedback!

Hi Cyrus,

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the donation to Brentwood Primary School.  We raised $300 from your donation……which was surprisingly won by me!!

We won’t be doing the photos until early next year but I wanted to let you know is advance.

Cheers Jane

Hi Cyrus,

I hope this email finds you well.

Thank you so much for your offer of donating a prize to our upcoming quiz night. Since expressing your interest I have had a sneak peek at some of your work and it is amazing!


Project Numbat held a quiz night on Sat 17th March to raise the final funds of $4,000 to create the numbat sculpture that will be installed in the Williams Playground. We are pleased to let you know that it was a success! Over 100 people attend and we actually raised $5,600. We wanted to thank you for your ongoing support by providing vouchers, gifts and prizes for the event and the funds you may have provided before we got to this final stage. Its been a long a process for us and we are excited to get to this stage.