Kids Sponsorship

Help out with a Kids Sponsorship

Here's your chance to grab a bargain and at the same time give back to those in need with a kids sponsorship deal.

In Partnership with Lourdes Benedictos and Perth Learn Photography, when you purchase a $29 VIP pass you are giving 2 lessons to kids in need.

To activate the kids sponsorship offer just click on the support us now button below. Limit of three tickets per person only.

Support us now

Charity Edition VIP Pass for Perth Learn Photography - LB Edition

Valid for any session under 3 hours on the Perth Learn Photography Meetup.

Kids Sponsorship

Kids will learn:

  • Basic camera settings.
  • Appreciate taking photos to engage, relax, & have fun.
  • Importance of lighting.
  • Changing perspective & composition to get different results.
  • An art & tech science activity, with lasting learning benefits.

Outcomes for kids:

Increased desire to pursue photography, art, and science.

Excellent mental health benefits such as learning to relax and problem solve. Learn resilience. Cyrus is an Act, Belong, Commit partner member. Great physical activity.

Prizes may be given!