Meaning in Landscape Photography

How do you Find More Meaning in your Landscape Photography?

a guide for Camera Club enthusiasts

eBook Edition 2 - June 2020

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Art and Psychology

There's two ways to find more meaning in landscape photography . Consider both the artistic side of photography  and the psychological interpretations when creating and viewing. By considering art and psychology in photography we make stronger the message and give more purpose to the story in photography.

Increase your intent and meaningfulness of your landscape photography by first exploring reasons "why" we would want to create artful photography in the first place. Then we will look at 9 possible factors that contribute to making photography artistic and the 9 psychological principles that explain why there's a deep innate human desire for the constant pursuit of meaning.

9 Factors that make photography an art

      • Perspectives
      • Depth of field
      • Noise and Clutter and Separation
      • Light
      • Colours
      • Background
      • Composition
      • Motion
      • Freezing time & long exposure

Psychology Principles that Affect Meaning in Photography

      • Seeing by Flashlight
      • Conceptual Photography
      • Chunking up/down and sideways (layering)
      • Perspectivism
      • Saliency
      • Importance of vision in storytelling
      • Sexual Polarisation
      • Insight
      • Mindfulness Photography

Why do we seek beauty and meaning in Landscape photography? Does art feed the soul? Is there something more to capturing a photo than technical settings, light and a pretty scene?

Can a landscape photo speak a story beyond what's included in the image? Can we derive meaning, concepts and deep abstract notions to educate, delight and wow us?


Why is the question that reveals meaning. Looking deep into the whys you might ask yourself….

      • Why does this scene speak to me so deeply?
      • Why is the colour and light looking the way it does and why does it make the feel the way it does?
      • Why does the composition and perspectives I choose complement the story I want to tell?
      • Why are these elements I choose to include or not include help with the message/meaning/story?
      • Why do you want to take this photo in the first place?

Human's question everything. It's human to constantly ask why because  we want to seek meaning behind everything.

To help us with questions about deeper things than what is just in front of us over time we have eventually developed concepts of spirituality and the arts to feed our great desire, even need, for explaining meaning and the why behind it all.

That is why amazing photographers get that the best photography  based more on art and less on just technical mastery. Sure masters of photography master of the science of capture and likely know their cameras exceptionally well however they must also possess strong and original perhaps even insightful perspectives of artistic flair. This alone lends well to awe-inspiring photography.

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  • Meaning can be subjective
  • What is perspective and how does this influence us?
  • Our Perspective is...
  • At times we may experience 6 more senses:
  • 1st level of filters
  • 2nd level filters
  • Orientation and aspect ratios
  • Gear based perspectives
  • Edited Perspectives
  • Relative Perspectives
  • Vanishing Points and Zero Point Perspective
  • Subject Based Perspectives
  • Light Effect Perspectives
  • Foreground Perspectives
  • Illusion Perspectives
  • "Defining the Meaning" Perspectives
  • Hacks
  • Depth of field
  • Depth of field is controlled by three main factors:
  • Lens Diffraction
  • Noise, Clutter and Subject Separation
  • Light
  • The marble test
  • Understand light bounce
  • 11 Ways to Enhance Mood and Atmosphere
  • Sources of Light
  • Background
  • Motion
  • Long Exposure
  • Slow Exposure
  • Fast Exposure
  • Stillness and Exposure
  • Psychology Principles that affect Meaning in Photography
  • Seeing by Flashlight
  • "Moving the flashlight" means to:
  • Conceptual Photography
  • Chunking
  • Saliency
  • Sexual Polarity
  • Masculine  - strong, hard, immobile
  • Feminine - curves, movement, passion
  • Insight
  • Promising conditions to promote insightful thinking
  • Mindfulness
  • So how do you make photography relaxing?
  • Fitness Around Physical Act of Photography
  • The Benefits of Observing People Playing Sports
  • Nature Appreciation
  • More Benefits of Photography

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