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We love partnerships. The best way to value add for the client is through a partnership. Working together brings the best outcomes from two places.

To know if Perth Learn Photography can bring better value and outcomes to you business or group request a meeting with Cyrus or read on...


Partnership Outcomes

Photography brings people together. photography is the most powerful and effective marketing available. Due to it's visual nature, photography communicates to all people in emotive and visceral ways. People see an image and the message in the images and they can't help but know it's truth.

8 Types of business partnerships

Commission based Partnerships

Commission payment partnerships are fairly simple to understand and start. In it's simplest form one party seeks clients for the other in exchange for a fee.

Perth Learn Photography pays 10% commission to the following potential partners

  • Travel Agents for Destination Tours

Value Adding Partnerships

How can we add value to your business?

Say you run a restaurant near the beach and you are keen to attract more people to dinner. How about promoting a Landscape Sunset Workshop to whet the appetite. The photography learning experience attracts more couples and families. An added bonus is that your venue has free visual marketing in the form of many photography posting to social media and generating more interest.

wholesaling partnerships

Ask an accountant for advice on how to be more profitable in business. Accountants are eagle eyed experts on how to save money by reducing expenses. One way to reduce costs is to seek better wholesale terms.

What does Perth Learn Photography provide at wholesale rates?

Good question. Here's a list:

  • Mobile APPS
  • Websites & landing pages
  • Printing and business cards

In general print and online marketing is our wholesale domain. And as partners, we deliver wholesale deals to you. If we can't say yes to your vision we can absolutely recommend the right partners for you.

Marketing & Promotion Partnerships

Few things work better in the world of marketing and promoting as images can.

Can you find ways to encourage photography to help drive awareness, education and marketing of your business?

Encourage the community and your clients with photo competitions, offer workshops and walkabouts experiences. Reward visual social media posts that have greatest reach with incentives.

The prize does not even have to cost your business any money. Partner with Perth Learn Photography and we will happily provide a free VIP pass to the winner. 

Client & Staff Incentive Partnerships

Want to reward your staff and clients? Think about offering a free VIP Pass to any workshop at Perth Learn Photography. Conditions apply.

Upskilling Partnerships

Teach the tradies in your business to take better after photos.

Are you a Property Manager, need to brush up your skills to take visual reporting or learn how to take better property images?


resource sharing partnerships

Referral Marketing partnerships

Would you like us to promote your business on our website? Submit your potential blog post and follow the guidelines to be accepted. Your article, if accepted, will be fully credited to your name and business with complete contact details and links. 


  • Article must be educational, informative, not a sales pitch.
  • Minimum 500. Ideally 900+ words
  • Must fit in the mission & purpose of Perth Learn Photography. Ie, to teach/upskill and inspire/empower.
  • Be entirely truthful with science based research and know how, claims are not false or unproven.


  • We will actively share your article via our social media 
  • Get more audience and in turn more client conversions