Photography and Mental Health

Perth Learn Photography is an Act-Belong-Commit partner.

Our members have reported many mental health benefits from walkabouts and learning sessions.

  • Photography is a liberating creative outlet, reducing stress & anxiety.
  • Photography has the potential to inspires us as well.
  • Photography has an empowering effect on many, especially:
    • Disadvantaged & marginalised communities
    • Youth
    • The elderly
    • The differently enabled

Our sessions foster good community connection with small groups.

Practicing photography may improve memory, may increase emotional intelligence and people skills. Photography has the potential to strengthen storytelling skills & self-confidence.

After learning how to take better photos photographers generally feel a strong sense of fulfillment & achievement.

Fitness Benefits

Taking photos is a physically active event. There's lots of walking, thinking, lifting the camera, controlling your breathing as you take a series of photographs.

Awareness, emotion outlet and a visual diary

Practicing photography has the power to reveal hidden mental health issues and improve physical health and coping mechanisms.

The therapeutic nature of photography can mean an increased awareness of cognitive behaviour around us and potential reduce anxiety in general.

Through photography, we can be reminded what mental health issues have done to us in the past and guard against these for the future.

Change the way you see the world

When we learn photography we see the world differently. Photography is all about perception, light, and perspective.


Mindfulness Photography

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