Session Levels

Session Levels:

To help you decide which session you should be attending, we have introduced categories for our classes. These are not just based on skill level but other things such as how we run the class, lighting levels, number of people in classes etc. The definitions of these categories are below. There will be more information about class specific requirements on each event.


  • New to photography
  • New camera
  • New software
  • Wanting to learn/master manual settings


  • Familiar with manual settings
  • New to portraits
  • New to class specific subject
  • Wanting more practice with manual settings


  • Good understanding of manual settings
  • Good understanding of your camera
  • Long exposure experience preferred
  • Subject specific experience preferred

How to Take Better Photos session

Garden/Park Walks

Lightroom 1/Jump into Editing with Lightroom


Some Portrait Sessions

Some Long Exposure Sessions

Lightroom 2


Light Trails

Some Long Exposure


Lightroom 3