We teach photography and our pricing starts from $19pp for 90 minute sessions of fun learning.

Perth Learn Photography has may kids sessions for both school holiday fun and for homeschoolers we run very popular term-based, curriculum-linked programs (both sides of the river). Worksheets available.

Feel free to join our community on meetup, we post around 4 sessions a month.

Schools, learning centres, parent groups, etc, can contact us for group packages.

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  • Macro
  • Pinhole SLR conversion
  • Photography & Crafts
  • Lighting Tips
  • Manual Settings - Beginners


  • Landscapes
  • Portraits & Pets
  • Business of Photography
  • Travel
  • Urban
  • Garden & Bush Tours
  • Wildflowers
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Fashion & Models
  • Night-time Landscapes
  • Astro Photography
  • Night-time Urban
  • Night-time Portraits

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Great day out and beautiful gardens - lovely owners of the property - very welcoming.

Think I got some good photo's and learnt heaps.


Was really nice to meet everyone, pretty relaxing and fun in a very beautiful place.

Thank you


I learned a lot and hopefully I'll remember some it when I use my camera next

Jody Steel

Wonderful meetup!

I got my new camera this time and learned so much.

We stayed afterwards with a couple of the girls to practice what we've learned.

So addictive 🙂

Mariana Kirova

Excellent, Cyrus is so patient with us.

Nicky KC

A bit daunting for the first time, it will get easier as my knowledge base improves...she said hopefully... 😉

Valerie Francis

I went to the last one.

The information given is fantastic.

A very worthwhile event to attend.

Kathryn Fritz

Well, there's so much to learn.

I loved all things Cyrus explained and showed in today's session.

Thank you!

Looking forward to the next time when I'll be having my new camera, very exciting.

Btw, afternoons are much better for me, as my son is playing soccer on Sunday mornings and I wouldn't be able to come at that time.

Mariana Kirova