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Video Weddings


Are you looking for a pathway into becoming an established wedding video professional?
We are always looking for dedicated, talented, & reliable camera operators to join the Lighthouse Mentoring Program with the view of assisting those with promise towards the eventual creation of their own businesses and possible partnerships with us and our industry contacts.
Some of the wedding industry's biggest issues include unavailable training options on offer, unsustainably cheap packages offered by those first entering into the market, and poor editing skills. These bring down the industry and creates negative experiences for clients.
It's true that everyone must start somewhere but it's just NOT ethical for untrained people to accept paid bookings on their own, and practice solo on real life weddings.
A better approach would be to study at a recognised film school or take up work experience as an assistant or 2nd shoot for an established video company. Few video companies in Perth open their doors to inexperienced operators. Lighthouse is uniquely positioned to offer photographers and videographers a chance to enter the market at considerable less risk. The Lighthouse Mentoring Program started for photographers over 7 years ago (2006) and is also open to those wanting a foot in the door with wedding video.
Running a video business is similar enough to running a successful wedding photography business. When it comes to establishing a wedding business on your own being mentored is a great way to learn from the vast experiences of another successful business operator.
Start your guided journey by learning about weddings, capturing moments, people skills, problem solving - basically the ins and outs of running a successful wedding photo/video business. Then venture into the harsh realities of business, marketing and legals.

Video Weddings - HOW DOES THIS WORK?

Cyrus invites you to personally attend his Lighthouse weddings as "a video shooter" from Bridal preparation to end of reception coverage. We ask permission from the couple about a week before their big day and only if no professional video has been previously arranged, of course.
Because couples that accept these terms are not charged they certainly won't expect a professional video from this arrangement. This results in less pressure and a more creative-inducing environment.
Building any business is a constant exercise in learning and marketing, but after a long period of development you will be ready to run your own business unaided.

Video Weddings - GETTING STARTED

The most important qualities we look for in you are people skills, reliability and passion for video & weddings. We expect you to already hold all or most of the necessary core technical skills needed to be a camera operator and video editor.
to apply you must be over 18 years old, and have your own transport. Owning or having access to your own professional camera gear and editing software is highly encouraged.
To get the ball rolling, contact Cyrus now.