Photography Coaching

Welcome to the program like no other!

Our VIP Program is to make you the type of photographer you are dreaming of being!

Everything you need to achieve your goals as a photographer ... and more! Want to become a successful full-time professional? Or if you simply want to be a better photographer, we will show you how to win more awards and get more recognition in your field.

We have the program for you. We guarantee  results effortlessly once you've completed our 3 month program.

Purely customised to your needs. Get amazing tools & resources + premium course content + personalised mentoring + free access* to all workshops hosted by PLP.

Everything in this program is photography framed, We combine fun and process-driven teaching with customised coaching to cover photography science & art. We dive into people handling and marketing strategies too. If you love photography and want to be challenged in ALL areas of your life to grow better & smarter, you'll find much joy in learning our content and hopefully will be challenged enough to grow forward in ways you have always wanted and in even some unexpectedly ways too.


Working less means smarter. Working less means following the right strategy with clarity. Working less means planning better, navigating bumps & turns into the most valuable lessons that will propel you forward.


Earning more is about abundance, letting go of scarcity and accepting reward for what you are good at delivering. Earning more is honouring your self-worth and value to your clients, community and yourself. Earning more is knowing that the effort you create, grows into flourishing rewards.


Remember, it's free to have a chat over coffee to discuss... 


Benefits worth over $2800/mth.

  • Included access to all  photo walks and other photography workshops. (*Excluding sessions that are nearly booked out) valued at over $300/month
  • Included branding headshots every 6 months, worth $150.
  • Weekly 45 minute strategy and planning phone consultation, worth $150.
  • Weekly email replies to any of your questions to receive personalised answers and guidance, worth $50 each time.
  • Free access to learning APPS, PDF tools and eBooks, worth over $1000
  • Fortnightly 2 hour coaching meetings over coffee. Worth $300 per session.

Sign up now to save $509!

Let's meet, for a no obligation appraisal to determine if we can meet your needs and are a good fit for you.

For the first three to commit to 3 month program cost is $497 a month, (incls GST), saving you $509. We have a 30 day trial too for only $600 where you can upgrade to the 3 month deal anytime in that period, without locking you into 3 months for a total of $1491.

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