Welcome to the program like no other!

"Visual Intuitive Programming & Photography".

We guarantee you'll earn more and work less ... effortlessly.

Welcome to the email-delivered course called, "VIPP (Visual Intuitive Programming & Photography) to Working Less and Earning More."

This course is about mindset, health, people skills and visual art perspectives.  Everything in this program is photography framed, we cover photography science and the tech behind cameras and photography as well. If you love photography and want to be challenged in ALL areas of your life to grow stronger and better you'll find much joy in learning my content and hopefully will be challenged enough to grow forward in ways you have always wanted and in more ways unexpectedly.

It's thanks to you this course will be able to gift so much to those investing the $500+ when we launch to the public.


Working less means smarter. Working less means following the right strategy with clarity. Working less means planning better, navigating bumps & turns into the most valuable lessons that will propel you forward.


Earning more is about abundance, letting go of scarcity and accepting reward for what you are good at delivering. Earning more is honouring your self-worth and value to your clients, community and yourself. Earning more is knowing that the effort you create, grows into flourishing rewards.


Congratulations, you've been selected to be the first to test our course like no other. You are getting access to emailed content and education at no cost to you.  We do, however, feel that a task is necessary to test your resolution. Not everyone will pass this test, in fact we are counting on it.  **There's only one quick step before you get your first email this Monday. Email me asap (1) confirming you have read this email in full, (2) and tell me why you would benefit from this program or what you would like to learn.** I trust you can find my email address easily enough.

The intent and design is simple enough, each weekday you'll get an email. The time to spend on each email can be as little as 5 minutes to read, note/absorb and complete the daily task. Some days you may find yourself drawn into the task and inspired to make this a meaningful project for you and your business.

Bonus benefits, because you are one of the first to go through this program we would love to reward you with a few extra benefits....

  • Discounted offers for photo walks, other workshops.
  • Discounted rates for photography sessions like portraits and branding headshots.
  • Monthly 30 minute phone consultation on request.
  • Weekly emailed unlimited questions to receive personalised answers and guidance.
  • Free access to learning APPS, PDF tools and eBooks.


To continue receiving daily emails from me you have only one requirement. Before Monday ends or during the weekend you will send me an email with (1) any feedback, comments and questions if any (2) and a outlined summary or cut and paste of your notes regarding the daily tasks (Mon-Fri). For those people wishing to see an example, request this by email. Your weekly email could take as little as a few minutes to compile, some might want to take longer.

Don't worry, we won't kick you out if you miss just a week. We understand people are busy, however if we feel that a few too many weeks go without email summaries you may find yourself taken off our receiving list.


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To start all you have to do is read this welcome post then find & action the one quick step before you get your first email this Monday.


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Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions

About Cyrus